Payment Card Programme Consultancy and Training 

Delighting Clients, Improving Non-Funded Income – NFI and Boosting Net Interest Income – NII

In this very competitive and dynamic banking environment where every strategy/product/service is easily copied by competition and thus resulting in shrinking profit margins, it is very important that Financial Institutions continuously look for sustainable ways to increase revenue, retain and attract new clients. 

One of such ways is by deploying an effective payment card program that brings along non-funded income (NFI) streams such as issuance fee, monthly/yearly fees, transactional fees, optional issuer fees, interchange reimbursement fees amongst others and also improves net interest income (NII) through interest from float. 

These gains however cannot be realized unless an institution has the right set up and team to administer and control the program.

The question is how do you create the right setup and equip your team with the expertise without having to send them outside the country and going beyond your cost budget?

It is in this light that Frich Consult (Your Right Partner for Growth) has put together a comprehensive payment card training and support module to help you realize the full gains associated with effective an end-to-end administration of a payment card program.

We have over a decade expertise in total payment card management. Our expertise cover debit, credit, prepaid and proprietary cards. 

We consult, support and train in the following areas:

  • Card Centre/Team set up and Procedures 
  • Administration and Process Designs 
  • Effective Migration

-Proprietary to Debit/Credit/Prepaid

- Magnetic Stripe to EMV

  • Profitability
  • Card Operations
  • Fraud Risk
  • License Acquisition
  • Merchant Acquiring and Effective Card Acceptance Training
  • General Staff Training 

Signup today and lets help you improve your bottom-line with our top-notch payment card support, consultancy and training module.