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Payment Card Consultancy and Support Services

Delighting Clients, Improving Non-Funded Income – NFI and Boosting Net Interest Income – NII

We support Banks and other Financial Institutions in designing and managing effective payment card programmes the boosts their Non-Funded and Net Interest Incomes (NFI & NIIs) streams. Our services in this area include but not limited to:

• Card Centre/Team set up and Procedures

• Administration and Process Designs

• Effective Migration:

- Proprietary to Debit/Credit/Prepaid

- Magnetic Stripe to EMV

• Profitability

• Card Operations

• Fraud Risk

• License Acquisition

• Merchant Acquiring and Effective Card Acceptance Training

• General Staff Training

With over a decade expertise in payment card administration and training, you are assured of top-notch services that will help boost your bottom-line.