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Customer Service (The New Marketing)

“A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.” Michael LeBoeuf. Business Author & Former Management Professor, University of New Orleans.

Customer Service (Client Experience/Customer Care etc) is arguably the most important function in any organisation regardless of its size or type. Unfortunately it is the function that receives little or no attention from managements of organisations. 

For most managers, merely recruiting nice and pleasant looking people to face customers or putting eloquent people into customer facing roles and tagging them “Customer Service Officers” should guarantee good customer service. 

Customer Service goes beyond these, it is a companywide process that must be taught for all in the company to understand and put into practice.

Customer service is no longer a UNIT within an organisation but a CULTURE (a way of life). It is an attitude/culture which must be taught; re-taught and practiced in order to become a habit or way of life for all employees within an organisation. 

As aptly put by Michael LeBoeuf, no business strategy beats an effective customer service delivery that thrills a customer.

That thrilled and satisfied customer becomes a walking advertisement for the company (a much cheaper but effective form of advertisement any forward looking company should yearn for). Customer Service indeed is THE NEW MARKETING and must be considered as vital as all other corporate activities aimed at achieving growth. 

Your Right Partner to help you grow from a “UNIT Customer Service Company” into “An Everyone’s Attitude Customer Service Company” is Frich Consult. With over a decade of practice; training and research in customer service; we thus possess the precise expertise to help your course. We train your staff to appreciate customer service from the origin of the word “customer”; what defines the “service” and what good service brings to an organisation.

Our training or consultation is structured in such a way that your service staff come out totally transformed from viewing customer service as somebody’s job to believing it is their way of life.

 have designed a special Executive Customer Service training module for them. This helps them understand their role and how it affects service delivery. 

We also run very production mystery-shopping exercising for our clients. We run both face-to-face and telephone mystery shopping exercises.

Why wait! Give us a call today and let’s get the transformation started.